Vahe Avetyan was born on 23 th August, in 1962, in Yerevan, Armenia.
1969-1979 studied at secondary school.
In 1979 joined the Armenian Veterinary istututet, and ended it with a degree in 1984.
Since 1987 has worked as a quality engineer in an agricultural factory.
In 1990 joined the “Army of Independence” against the Soviet Union, from the first day of the war, and finished his militäry service as a career officer.
In 1990 participated in the founding of the Republican Party of Armenia, and was a member of the first board.
Left the party and the army in 1992 and settled in Sweden since then, studied languages, communication, administration.
2002-2006 studied at the Faculty of Human Rights, in the Stockholms Theological Institute.
2011-2013 studied in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
Speaks four languages ​​fluently.
Participated in the founding of organizations “3K Netwerk”, “Gallery Bunker”, “Yorg Armenia”, “Yorg Sweden”, “3K Studio,” “SvFI”, “European ombudsmen’s League”
Have Published webjournals  “Independence Army”, “Malmvägen”
Was chosen as a candidate for the parliament and local elections in 2002, 2006 and 2010.
1999 — 2005 led the project “Democracy Support to Armenia
Vahe Avetyan is author to books “Independence Army”, “Svartskalle”, “EstabliseMENT”, “From here, from there,” “Blatte”, “Balthasar, Loki, Nils, Svejk …”, to several articles and publications in Armenian, Caucasian, Swedish and other media.
2006 — 2008 lived in the United States, in Washington, D.C., where he participated in the founding of the organization “Policy Forum Armenia”, and was a member of the board until 2010.
He now lives in Stockholm, is a board member of Sollentuna Party, and sits in the Culture and Recreation Committee of Sollentuna Municipality.
Since 2010 Vahe Avetian is member of the Swedish Writers’ Union.